Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Projects That Webmasters Can Outsource on

Owning and operating can be a very difficult task especially when starting out when you still have a full time job as many webmasters do. There are many tedious tasks that take up much of your time. So why not outsource these tedious tasks and concentrate on the larger tasks. I have compiled a short list of projects that you can outsource using

Outsource Article Writing Services on

Article writing can be extremely tough especially when just starting as a new webmaster or a blogger. I used to spend the majority of my time writing each and every article for my websites, but now I use article writing services. I prefer because I can view reviews of previous customers who outsource their article writing services. I also love that companies bid to work on your article writing. You can even ask each writer to submit a sample article of their work. If you are not comfortable placing a large order, just get a single article and check the quality of the writer. If you like him, place a larger order. I usually submit a list of article topics and keywords I want to rank high for. The cost of article writing services on can range from $2 an article to $25. I usually spend about $7 an article for a good quality article.

Outsource Research Services on

outsource research projects on all the time! I usually use them in conjunction with other projects that I use. For instance, I outsourced a project in which I asked that I get a list of all real estate agents that worked for a particular company within my state. I also asked the researcher to provide me with email addresses, address and phone numbers. I used this data to market a particular product I developed to the company. Research services are relatively cheap and can be a great investment. I usually just ask the bidders to submit a price for the particular project rather than an hourly rate. Depending on the amount of research needed, expect to pay between $5 and $25 possible more depending on how much data you are asking for.

Outsource Telemarketing Services Using

I absolutely hate talking on the telephone! Even with my own wife LOL!! When I seen that you could outsource telemarketing services on I was sooo relieved. :) My first concern when I seen this service was that English was not a first language for the telemarketers.  I am not racist, but I feel that the majority of my customers would prefer a telemarketer which spoke very good English. When you outsource telemarketing services on, you write a detailed description and state you prefer someone without an accent. You can also use Skype to interview prospective employees to validate their English speaking skills. I have a few tips for outsourcing your telemarketing services. My first tip is to include your phone number and a few friends on your calling list to validate professionalism and skills. My second tip is to offer performance based commission. This always works well with me. They do not make money unless you do :)

Outsource Data Entry on

Outsourcing data entry is becoming increasingly popular on You can use data entry for almost anything you can think of. For instance, posting pictures to your websites Facebook page or Facebook pages. In the past I used them to input customer data into a CRM database. Most data entry clerks are also proficient at basic bookkeeping as well. :)

Outsource Email Handling Using

Sometimes it is impossible to handle emails in a timely manner. To be honest, I do not outsource my email handling very often, but I do on certain occasions. For instance, I may outsource for a few days if I know I have something planned like a birthday party or a vacation. If you do not have very many emails, it may be best to charge as a per email basis or you could charge a flat fee.

Outsource Adwords Campaign on

Adwords can become very costly if you are familiar with it. This is why I ALWAYS recommend to new webmasters to outsource their Google Adwords campaign. It is always important to remember to look at reviews for all prospective employees, but it is especially important when dealing with your marketing campaign as you can lose lots of money! Adwords specialists are often familiar with conversion tracking which will allow them to see which keywords are working. Ask them to provide constant updates and reports.

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