Thursday, October 20, 2011

List of the 10 Best Free Classified Ads Websites

Free advertising is always nice. One of the best ways to get free advertising is through free classified ad websites. I listed below some of my favorite places to post free classified ads. I am not affiliated with any of these classified ad websites and am not making any money from the rankings on this list. These are strictly my personal opinion of the best classified ads websites on the internet.

This is the most popular free classifieds site out there that is why is ranked number one on our list. :) is ranked number two on our list of free classified ads websites. is Eerily similar to Craigslist. A little history on the company, they stated escorts could post classifieds after Craigslist removed their erotic section.

Laid out differently than Craigslist and Backpage but still organized nonetheless.

Coming in at number 4 on our list of free classified site is This is the official classified ad section of eBay. No, this is not an auction site. Formerally, this website was but was purchased by eBay. is a very simple free classified ads website. I purchased an upgrade to my membership which allowed me to place unlimited ads. However, I do not feel it was worth the money. I would stick to a free membership. This allows you to have five classified ads at a time.

Adlandpro is number 6 on our list of free classified ads websites. Their website is targeted for primarily for promoting online businesses, but they do have a few other sections as well. They do have paid programs, but probably not worth your money. is a well organized website. It uses your IP address to detect your location. It is somewhat similar to Craigslist. It gets plenty of traffic which is why it ranks number 7 on our list of free classified ad websites.

Number 8 on our list on our countdown of free classified ads websites is They claim to be the fastest growing free classified website out there. Whether or not that is true, Google only knows lol....Different looking website with plenty of traffic. The top visited listing almost 89,000 hits in a 4 month period. Not too bad. :)

The majority of this site is different types of automobiles and real estate. They do offer free text listings of other items however.

Wrapping our list of the top 10 free classified ads website is They have a nice layout. They have a nice search option. Gets enough traffic to be worthy enough to be on this list. :)

Be sure to check out my article on tips for posting ads on Craigslist. While the website states its use for Craigslist. The tips can be applied to all of these classified ads websites on this list. I also recommend reading this article about how to improve your conversion rate.

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