Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Increase Your Number of Registrations for Your Newsletter

I read a lot of online forums and blogs about website design. One of the most common questions I see is
" How Do I Increase the Number of Registrations to My Newsletter ? "

Often times, the answer is quite simple. Literally. Many times webmasters make the registration process lengthy and making it too long for them to register and often times just abandon or do not even think about registering because completing the registration would take too much time.

My number one tip for webmasters who ask this question. Ask the minimum. Seriously, do you need to know their income? Most of the time, no. You probably already have a good idea of who your average customer is. If you really think you will need this information, you could always offer an incentive to them to further complete their registration, once you initially get them registered. I would just worry about capturing their email address to begin with. If they ever order anything from you, you will have the reader's name and address as well.

If you offer a paid newsletter to consumers, it could be more difficult to get users to register for your newsletter than if you offered a free newsletter. However, increasing the number of registrations to the newsletter is definitely "do-able". You will need to create a landing page for your newsletter explaining the benefits of the newsletter and explain why they should sign up. As I mentioned in my article, "Design With a Purpose", each page must have a specific goal. In this case, the goal is simple. You need to get users to sign up to your newsletter.

I would prepare several different landing pages especially if you are using Google Adwords to increase the amount of registrations to your newsletter. You can try a few different things and using the URL, you will be able to determine which keywords are producing you more registrations and more importantly which keywords are not converting and you can get rid of them thus saving you money.

These are a few of my the tips I recommend for increase the number of registrations for your newsletter. Do you any of you  have any suggestions on how you get more registrations or any tips on creating a successful landing page?

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