Thursday, October 20, 2011

Design With a Purpose

I spend hours on the internet everyday just surfing around to various blogs and websites. All too often I find that many webmasters are designing without a purpose.

What Do I Mean " Design With a Purpose "?

It is my belief that every single page of your website should be designed with a goal in mind for the reader. This goal can getting readers to sign up for a newsletter or getting readers to a "Thank you for Ordering Page".

How Do you Design With A Purpose?

Designing a web page with a purpose in mind is pretty easy once you identify what exactly you are trying to get the user to do. I like to give readers as many options as possible when trying to get them to my desired page. I offer options for my readers at the top of the web page, the middle, and the bottom of the page.

Finding Out What Works Best

I have also found that many people do not track various URL's. For instance, if I have 4 different locations for users to get to my desired page. I should have four different URL's for tracking purposes. This can be very important. Once you find out what works, you can use the data you gather to maximize all the rest of your landing pages.

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