Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Visitors to Your Website Using Evergreen Articles

I began my writing career on Associated Content about five years ago. When I first got started, I did struggle a bit as my articles received plenty of traffic for a day or two, then gradually the hits would go down for the page. I was determined to succeed on the website. I came across an article which informed me of different article types. After reading the article, I realized that I was only writing for current popular content which would explain my traffic drop off.

As I read further, I learned about evergreen articles. Evergreen articles contain content which people will always need and search. After I read the article, I thought about what types of articles would best suit evergreen articles.

Types of Evergreen Articles

"How To" Evergreen Articles

The first idea for evergreen articles were "how to" articles. People are always going to want to know how to do something themselves. It is important to choose an evergreen topic along with a how to article however. For instance, choosing a program or a cell phone that could be discontinued or extremely less popular in the future would work great for the short term as it would be popular but the popularity would soon fade.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are also make for very good evergreen articles. Visitors will come to your site searching information about a particular product prior to purchasing it. Your evergreen product review should contain unbiased information and contain pros and cons about the product. Ultimately, visitors are going to trust your opinion. Product reviews are good for generating income through affiliate marketing.

Writing About Past Events

Writing about past events is one of my favorite types of evergreen articles. Some people do not like this type of evergreen article as they feel there is not money to made from writing about past events. However, writing about past events can get targeted visitors to your website. As with any page on a website, you should have a goal for the visitors. You could get users to sign up for a newsletter or direct them to your online store which contains products that your visitors are interested in.

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