Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why You Should Submit Guest Posts?

What is a Guest Post?

In short, a guest post is when one blog owner submits a post/article on another person's blog.

Why Should I Submit A Guest Post to a Blog?

I believe you should submit a guest post to if anything gain free traffic to your website. Writing guest posts can be a great way to gain traffic which is important especially if your blog has not yet been indexed by search engines. Submitting a guest post will also provide you with valuable keywords as you are writing the article and can choose the anchor text which can be valuable in search engine result pages.

How to Find Blogs to Submit a Guest Post?

There are some lists on the Internet of various blogs that allow other blogs to submit guest posts. In addition to using those lists, I recommend finding your own blogs to submit guest posts to. This can be done by simply emailing the blog owner.

Do You Have a Template to Ask to Submit Guest Posts?

No, I do not believe in a standard template for own blog owners. If you were to use a template that you found on the Internet and a template you developed for yourself, you would see substantially more willing blog owners for your own personal template.

What Should be in a Template to Submit a Guest Post?

I would keep it pretty simple. Introduce yourself and state your background. What is your blog about? Tell them you would like to submit a guest post and state how your guest post would benefit them as well as the readers. Remember to sound as professional as possible. You can even include a link to your blog to show examples of your work.

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