Thursday, October 20, 2011

Using Yahoo Answers for SEO

Some people like to believe that Yahoo Answers helps their website out tremendously because they are getting backlinks to their website, some people who have reached level 7 on Yahoo Answers can also edit the anchor text of the link which they think is helping their SEO even more. Is this true?

The truth is... that we really do not know how much weight search engines like Google give to Yahoo Answers for SEO purposes. Yahoo Answers is so full of spam, I really doubt that Google gives the backlinks any weight.

I do not believe you should stop using Yahoo Answers because there are more benefits to commenting than just recieved a backlink for SEO. A useful comment on Yahoo Answers will allow you to be seen as a respectable source of information and you maybe seen as an expert. If you are seen as an subject matter expert, visitors will be more apt to click on the link to your website.

I am a believer that links should be used for promotion, not SEO.

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